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Urban Immersion FAQs

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What will my team do? 
Teams participate in various service and learning activities. Activities may include: Poverty Scavenger Hunt, attending an Open Door Fellowship service, serving breakfast to the homeless, participating in a Prayer Walk, manual service projects around the Open Door properties, taking public transportation, sleeping outside, and more! Activities are explained in detail here.

Where will we stay? 
Teams stay in Open Door Ministries’ Antioch House basement dorm space. We have three bedrooms with twenty beds all together. At times, we can make accommodations for larger sized groups if necessary. Dorm space includes two bathrooms, each with a shower. Groups will use Antioch House kitchen and living space. 

Do we have to stay overnight? 
If your team doesn’t need lodging, we’d still love for you to join us during the day. There is still a small per person fee involved. 

How much will my trip cost? 
Open Door Ministries charges groups $45/person/night, which covers lodging, food, programing, and most service projects supplies. To reserve a date, we request that groups pay a $500 deposit two months in advance of their scheduled trip, which will be deducted from the final invoice. $500 is the minimum charge, regardless of group size. 

How long should we stay?
We recommend that week-long groups come from Sunday - Friday and that weekend groups come from Friday - Sunday. 

How do meals work? 
Your ODM host will meal plan and grocery shop before your team arrives. Please let us know if anyone on your team has specific dietary needs. Teams will be expected to prepare and clean up meals in the Antioch House kitchen. 

When/for how long can we come? 
ODM hosts groups any time of the year! We are flexible to fit your schedule and are able to host groups from weekends to entire weeks. We also enjoy working with groups that want to join us for a day-long Urban Immersion experience. 

Is there an age limit?
We highly recommend that participants are at least of Middle School age. We find that Elementary School children are too young to participate in service projects and educational activities.

How many people can we bring?
Our dorm space has 20 beds and groups are welcome to squeeze a few more people on the floor if desired. We may be able to make accommodations for larger sized groups if necessary. We require that groups be five people or more. 

How can I best prepare my team for their UM experience? 
The Urban Immersion Director will send you a short video to equip your team for their experience. You can also have your team and/or church collect new or gently used men’s socks for an outreach to the homeless during your trip. Please contact the UI Director before collecting any other donations for ODM. 

What should we bring? 
The Urban Immersion director will send you a packing list. 

Who will be working with us from ODM? 
Your group will have an ODM staff person working with you for the entirety of your trip. This may be our summer interns, Urban Immersion Director, or other ODM staff. 

Does Urban Immersion have a cell phone policy? 
We don’t think cell phones are bad, but we do think they can be a major distraction to an otherwise transformational experience. While we don’t totally ban cell phone use, we ask that we never see cell phones out on the main floor of Antioch House or while out doing a ministry activity. Group leaders should carry cell phones in case of an emergency.

Email Megan Etter or call 720-975-0103 for more info.

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