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Urban Immersion Activities

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Urban Immersion is more than just a volunteer program – we desire to give teams a holistic view of what it’s like to do ministry in urban Denver. Our program is structured around three key attributes:
1) Community Involvement
2) Service Projects
3) Learning Opportunities

Poverty Scavenger Hunt
Teams will set out in groups of 4-5 people to complete various tasks and interact with homeless people to learn more about what it’s like to live below the poverty line in Denver. 

Prayer Walk
Walter Carman, a leader in the ODM community, will lead a prayer walk through the neighborhood and tell stories of his experiences while the group prays along the way. 

Homeless Outreach
Go through a 30 minute outreach training with pastor Matthew Reed and then head downtown to have meaningful conversations with the homeless in Civic Center Park and surrounding areas.

Service Projects
Groups will serve alongside ODM as need arises. Projects may include gardening, painting, neighborhood cleanup, and deep cleaning. 

Urban Entry Videos
We will watch one or two Urban Entry videos – they are 15 minutes long and encourage discussion about urban issues from a Christian perspective.

Engaging in the ODM Community
Many groups, depending upon the time frame of your trip, will have the opportunity to serve at The Table, TRYAD, and the Preschool.

Open Door Fellowship
Attend Open Door Fellowship and experience church in an entirely new way! 

Engaging in the Greater Denver Area
Many groups will have the opportunity to serve at other ministries in the Denver community, including Denver Rescue Mission and the Denver Voice.

Sleep Outside
Spend one night sleeping outside on the ODM playground to gain some insight into what it’s like sleeping outside in Denver. The playground is well enclosed, so group will not be out in the open. 

Bus Ride to Aurora
Experience what it’s like taking public transportation down Colfax. Then get a glimpse of what poverty looks like in the suburbs. 

Dinner at Ethnic Restaurant
Dine out at an ethnic restaurant to get a glimpse of the diversity of Denver or Aurora. (For groups who stay longer than two nights). 

Hang with the Homeless
Take a homeless person out to lunch at McDonalds. 

Broken Squares Activity
This is a hands-on learning activity that allows groups to look beyond their own needs and lend a hand to others. 

Loaded Monopoly Activity
This is a hands-on learning activity that allows group to discuss and explore ideas of poverty and wealth distribution. 

Quiet Times and Devotionals
Every morning, groups will begin the day with breakfast and then a 30-minute time of devotions. These are provided in booklets and have been created to explore what the Bible says about working with the poor. 

Email Megan Etter or call 720-975-0103 for more info.

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