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ODM eMinute: A Story of God's Faithfulness

September 22nd, 2017

God's faithfulness and provision have been weaved throughout much of our 20 year history so far at ODM. The story of Nehemiah House is no different.

During our first years at ODM we noticed an abandoned white house right across the street from our church building. In 1999, one of our Open Door Fellowship congregants came to us saying he knew the owner of the house and wanted us to take a tour. The 4,000+ square foot home was broken up into five separate apartments and each room was filled floor to ceiling with furniture, magazines, newspapers, records, lamps, and other junk. The older gentleman that owned the home was disabled, but insisted that he was going to get the house cleaned out and would sell it for market value. Soon after the tour, David Warren wrote a letter to him stating our serious interest in buying the house.

Several months passed and we heard nothing. We had nearly forgotten about the house when David received a call from the owner's daughter. She said her father had passed away and as she was going through his things she found David's letter. This was quite a miracle itself because her father never threw anything away and she was overwhelmed at the many things she had to sort through! After helping her clean out the house, we were able to purchase the property for $50,000. This was a remarkably low price for such a large house in the year 2000.

The home needed a total renovation with new plumbing, electrical, drywall, HVAC, flooring, and more. It took us two years and many, many volunteers to complete the project. In 2002 we officially opened the home for ministry. It is now called Nehemiah Leadership Hall and has been used to house homeless individuals and families, ODM staff and interns, and many mission teams. We are grateful to God as we reflect back on his provision to ODM!

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