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Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule

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We recommend that week-long trips go from Sunday - Friday and weekend trips go from Friday - Sunday. Here's an example of a weekend immersion trip at Open Door. Contact Megan for a week-long trip sample schedule. 

4:00 PM     Arrive and Unpack
4:30 PM     Leader Meeting with ODM Staff
5:00 PM     Dinner
6:00 PM     Tour & Trip Orientation
7:00 PM     Prayer Walk
8:30 PM     Debrief
11:00 PM   Lights Out

7:30 AM     Breakfast
8:00 AM     Quiet Time
8:30 AM     Group Devotions
9:00 AM     Work Projects or Serve Breakfast to Homeless
12:00 PM   Lunch
1:00 PM     Urban Entry Video
1:30 PM     Poverty Scavenger Hunt
3:00 PM     Debrief Scavenger Hunt
3:30 PM     Educational Activity
5:30 PM     Dinner
7:00 PM     Debrief
8:00 PM     Free Time
11:00 PM   Lights Out

8:00 AM     Breakfast
8:30 AM     Attend service at Open Door Fellowship
10:00 AM  Return to Antioch, pack & clean
12:00 PM  Depart

Email Megan Etter or call 720-975-0103 for more info.


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