Physical Opportunities

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Still Waters Housing

Interior and exterior painting, repair of front and back patios, gardening and landscaping, cleaning windows/screens, exterminator to take care of wasp problem, redecorating rooms, sanding/staining banister, sanding/staining wood floors, “Adopt a Room” – get a room ready for a new resident, food bank pickup once every two months, carpet cleaning

Cornerstone Home

General yard maintenance, painting fences, sheds, and porches, interior painting, replacing or cleaning carpet, spring cleaning


Spring Cleaning, landscaping, building a new concrete porch in back of house, bathroom remodel, drywall repair assistance, sanding/staining wood floors, carpet cleaning

Child Care & Youth

General cleaning of youth room and vans, deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, deep cleaning of toys in preschool, replacement of sand in sandbox, power washing the playground, sanding and staining shelves, replacing carpet and/or laminate flooring


Print Your Own T-Shirt!, hand out S2L flyers in downtown Denver, assist with design work (skilled volunteer)

General Opportunities

Sand/Refinish office building wood floors, clean carpets in all properties, paint fire escape, deep clean Nehemiah House, interior painting of office building, trash pick-up around the neighborhood, sweeping curbs and cleaning around dumpsters, deep clean Open Door Fellowship, replace carpet in several of the properties, landscaping and tree trimming on Marion Street

Other Associated Ministries

Weekly yard maintenance at Talitha Koum House
Washing blankets for Women’s Housing Initiative once a quarter

For more info contact Lindsay Hermayer or call 720-975-0120.

Relational Opportunities Other Needs Volunteer Home

Open Door Ministries

PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218




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