ODM eMinute: 15 Years at Open Door - Manny's Story

July 7th, 2017

We'd like to tell you about a special member of our community who's been a part of ODM for much of our history: Manuel Wilson. Manny was four years old when he first stepped into the Open Door Learning Center. His mom had moved their family to a nearby safe house ministry to recover from substance abuse. The family quickly became a part of the ODM community and Open Door Fellowship.

Manny later went on to live with his dad, but he chose to stay connected with Open Door because it felt like family. He said, "It was like they took us in as their own kids. They taught me how not to be independent, but instead to lean on the church and the word of God. This is where I first learned about faith and got baptized."

Much of Manny's growth has come from his relationships with ODM staff. He said, "Gary helped me realize what love is and what a good leader stands for. He stands on his beliefs no matter what people say. Allison taught me to love fully. Not half in or half out. I've also loved learning from Bex because she's been here for so long."

Manny went through our programs all the way through high school and now works on staff in the Learning Center. We are excited to see him giving back to the very place he started in 15 years ago!

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