ODM eMinute: Invest in Urban Denver

November 28th, 2017

When you make a gift to Open Door this Colorado Gives Day, you are making an investment in...

1) Preschool students from low-income families who are receiving faith-based education

2) Unemployed individuals who are receiving one-on-one job coaching to find and maintain meaningful employment

3) Disabled men and women who are given a place to belong and grow in discipleship

4) Women who are escaping the sex industry that are able to start a new life at Esther House

Today is Giving Tuesday and next Tuesday, December 5th, is Colorado Gives Day. Each Colorado Gives Day contribution receives a small match from a larger incentive fund with minimal credit card fees, making your money go farther. Would you take a moment today to make an eternal investment in urban Denver? Please click here to schedule your gift.

p.s. Want to give your CO Gives donation in person at Open Door next Tuesday? Join us for "Donate for Donuts" in the Family Room from 7 AM - 10 AM. We'll have laptops available for you to place your donation and lots of donuts to share!

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