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The Table

The Table

Every Sunday night, people attending the evening worship service at Open Door Fellowship join us for The Table meal. This particular congregation is home to many of our friends who are on the margins. The Table also serves the 20 women from the Women’s Homeless Initiative who stay at Open Door every Sunday night. We love to enable local churches and other groups to build relationships with those they might not come in contact with otherwise. The Table seeks to break down some of those human-made barriers of socio-economic status, race, age, life situation, etc. Sharing a meal around a dinner table is a great way to hear people’s stories and join with them in their journey.

 Want to get involved? Your group will get to be a part of missions first hand, and your ministry allows people at Open Door to develop the relationships necessary for effective evangelism and ministry in the neighborhood. Sunday school classes, small groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, youth groups, and more can serve with The Table! Even kids as young as 4th grade are welcome to join!

Want to get involved? Contact Jessica Wilson for more information.

Open Door Ministries

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