Family Room

The Family Room exists to be a welcoming space to those in the ODM community. It is a foyer area with a front desk, coffee kiosk, wifi, and tables and chairs for visitors to use.

A key component of our ministry is providing hospitality to the homeless in our community that need a brief reprieve from being out on the streets all day. They are able to use the restroom, rest a while, and drink a cup of coffee. We always have two receptionists on duty to assist people who are looking for resources such as housing or food. 

Another key part of the Family Room is empowering people in our community to give back. As a part of our Very Important Volunteer program, several people volunteer on a regular basis to keep the Family Room in good shape. They wipe down windows, mop the floor, put on a fresh pot of coffee, and make sure things stay tidy. 

Open Door Ministries

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