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TRYAD stands for: To Reconcile You Able-Bodied and Disabled. We exist with the intent to break down the walls and barriers between able-bodied and disabled adults. At TRYAD, able-bodied and disabled adults meet together, ministering to each other through weekly bible studies, activities, events, and relationships. We love to see able-bodied and disabled come together, encourage, and walk alongside one another. 

We focus on:
Christian Fellowship (relationship building among those who are able-bodied and disabled)
Outreach (reaching others with the love of Christ)
Disability Awareness (breaking down the barriers between the able-bodied and disabled)
Empowering to Serve (helping able-bodied and disabled realize their God-given gifts and abilities and use them for God’s glory)
Discipleship (helping able-bodied and disabled grow in Christ)

TRYAD would be a good fit for you if you are desiring to form deeper relationships, be a part of a spiritual community, reach out to others, and become all that God desires you to be for His glory!

Join us for weekly Bible Study every Tuesday at 12:00 pm at 1520 Marion St, Denver, CO 80218.

Open Door Ministries

PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218





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