ODM eMinute: Help Make a Field Trip Possible

March 9th, 2017

Summer brings an abundance of fresh opportunities here at Open Door. One thing we look forward to is the extra time for special field trips with our students. We aim to give our kids enriching experiences they might not have had otherwise. Many of these field trips are a highlight of the year for our students! 

We are currently working on filling our summer schedules with engaging opportunities for learning and personal development. These 20 students plan to go on 30 field trips over the course of the summer! 

YOU can help make these trips possible by...

1 - Sponsoring a trip by covering the cost (i.e., a museum or Boondocks)
2 - Connecting us with a place with which you have a relationship (i.e., your college roommate works at the stadium and could get us in for a free tour)
3 - Hosting us at your own special property (i.e., your family's farm, lakefront property, restaurant, etc.)

Urban youth benefit from eye-opening opportunities both now and in their future aspirations. You never know which experience could change the course of a kid's life. If you'd like to make a trip possible or learn more, call the Learning Center at 303-217-8631 or email Viki Kooiman.

Thank you for including and remembering us!

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