ODM eMinute: Discipling Over the Print Press

March 24th, 2017

On the long and sometimes treacherous roller coaster of t-shirt printing, our Street2Life Print Shop has found itself at one of the peaks on the ride these last few weeks. One of our partnering churches, Mission Hills, has blessed us with a 1625 shirt order for their upcoming ‘Love in Action’ service day! This order, just like any order placed through Street2Life, allows us to not only produce a high quality custom t-shirt, but more importantly, gives us the chance to help the street kid population here in Denver by teaching soft, hands-on job skills while also allowing us to disciple them over the print press. 

Our print shop supervisor, Matt Lange, has the awesome opportunity to work with our street kids each and every day in close proximity.  Our current print shop staff includes two of the street kids that co-directors, Bex Drake and Bruce Vlieger, have known for years. Eric and Sean are two examples of why the Street2Life Print Shop is way more than just a print shop.  Please help us keep these street kids employed by sending us any t-shirt, hoodie, work gear, bags, etc. jobs that you may have! Without our partner’s support, we could not do what we do! 

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