ODM eMinute: Lives Changing in the Family Room

June 23rd, 2017

Over the past 15 months a homeless man by the Steve has been a regular visitor to ODM’s new Family Room. Nearly every morning he’d come in with his street family to start his day. Daily we’d have to ask him to move on or not come in at all due to extreme intoxication and often belligerent and aggressive behavior. At the beginning of May he had been suspended from our Family Room due to ongoing and dangerous behavior.

Over Memorial Day weekend, his best friend and leader of their street family chose to end his own life leaving a huge void in Steve’s world. On the day of his friend’s memorial service at Open Door Fellowship, Steve asked the pastors of the church if they could help him change his life, and stated that he didn’t want to live the life he has been living on the streets of Denver. One of our pastors led him in a prayer that shared the hope that is found through a saving relationship with Christ.

Steve is still living on the streets but we now most often see our friend arriving far less intoxicated and even sober and whose heart is lighter. He is choosing not to hang out with his old street family and to make more positive choices for himself. He is open to engaging in spiritual conversations with our Family Room staff and to share about himself. The warmth of his interactions show a person who is funny, deeply caring and who is discovering that there is hope to get off the streets and he is trying to get his ID so that he can secure a job.  

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