ODM eMinute: Hands On Learning this Summer

July 7th, 2017

There is little time for summer relaxation for the students that spend their days at the Learning Center. Field trips to museums, restaurants, parks, and their weekly trips to the pool, as well as tending to their garden plot keep the students actively engaged all day. So far, their field trips have included a local art studio, a Littleton museum, a Littleton historical farm, the Denver Botanic Gardens, a pizza restaurant (where they put their pizza making skills to the test!), and the Denver Mint. 

The Learning Center has also implemented a reading road trip through the solar system for the school-age students. The more pages they read, the farther distance they travel. Along with the extra trip they earn when they reach their final destination, there are incremental rewards along the way for reaching certain check points. We've also greatly enjoyed having both youth and college-aged interns serving in the center this summer.

Do you have a heart for serving low-income children? We are still looking to hire an Assistant Director, Lead Teacher, and Assistant Teacher for the Learning Center. If you or someone you know would be interested, click here for more information about our available positions. 

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