ODM eMinute: Blessing Our Family Room Community

January 19th, 2017

In 2016 alone, we had 5,190 drop-ins in the Family Room. Our expectations for this new space have been blown out of the water as we've built new relationships with the homeless in our neighborhood and welcomed them to find a home in our community. 

One of our highlights from the holiday season was our Giveaway Day. Several individuals and schools donated new and used winter gear, blankets, and accessories. As people came through our doors that morning, they were greeted by volunteers that helped them "shop" the many tables of jackets, purses, and other goodies. A total of 68 people participated! 

While giving away winter clothes isn't a long-term solution to helping our homeless friends, we know that holistic ministry starts with showing love by meeting basic needs. Thank you to all who made this Giveaway Day possible! 

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