ODM eMinute: Support ODM Staff

February 10th, 2017

Currently, ODM has 43 part time or full time paid staff. You may be aware that ODM pays them only 70% of their eligible salary. They are responsible for raising the remainder through developing a team of partners. These staff are incredible people. Many have masters degrees, many have worked in the secular world prior to ODM, they have raised families, have grand kids, and some are newly married. They come from all over the country from Buffalo, NY, to San Francisco, CA, and even one from Congo, Africa. Some grew up in the mountains, some right here in Denver, and many are graduates of ODM’s programs. They give of themselves so freely and they love the people of the city. In short, they are amazing children of God. 

But many of them are very short in their personal support and need additional partners. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner or making a special gift to one or more of the ODM staff? To give online and designate to a specific staff member, simply click here and choose the person!  To give a staff support gift to be used where needed most, click here and choose the staff bubble! 

Another way to support a staff member is to send a birthday gift, encouragement card, or make a vacation home available. We encourage you to consider what God would have you do today.

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