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Esther House

Esther House

Esther House is a two-year faith-based transitional housing program serving women who are leaving the sex industry. Our primary purpose is to provide the tools for healing and community, while women experience the transforming power of God's grace and love.

According streetshope.org, "Denver is widely known as a prostitution-friendly city." This is especially evident along the Colfax corridor. Our program allows women to step out of this cycle by offering a sober living environment where women can become responsible, contributing members of society. The program includes chores, curfews, counseling, mentoring, employment training, and community responsibilities. Rules and structure are in place to help maintain a safe and peaceful environment, to hold women accountable to personal goals, and to address areas in life that make women vulnerable to unsafe situations.

Esther House might be a good fit for you if…

You’re working to find stable housing
You’re pursuing sobriety
You’re open to pursuing a faith journey
You’re receptive to support and accountability
You’re open to community living, chores, and rules
You’re willing to pursue employment or further education

To inquire about openings, call 303-830-2201.

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PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218





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