ODM eMinute: Leading Like Christ - Randy's Story

August 24th, 2017

If you've ever visited Open Door and seen a guy buzzing around on a wheelchair with a giant smile on his face, you probably saw Randy Milliken. Randy has been an important part of ODM for all of our 20 year history and we'd like to tell you some of his story.

Randy went to his first TRYAD (To Reconcile You Able Bodied and Disabled) meeting in the early 90's. He was battling with suicidal thoughts and addictive behavior and knew he needed to make a change in his life. In a moment of bravery, Randy spoke up and confessed what he was going through, expecting other people in the group to ask him to leave. To his surprise, he was met with compassion and mercy, and he knew he needed to become a part of this group permanently.

During these early years, Randy led the TRYAD group. He learned the hard way that people weren't following his leadership because he wasn't leading by example. Soon after, a lady named Carolyn Finell became the director of TRYAD and asked Randy to be her co-director. Randy said, "Carolyn showed me all about servant leadership, leading like Christ led people." 

When Open Door started Cornerstone Home in 1998, Randy was the first to move in. This was a place that disabled men were able to work as a team, learning to depend on each other to live day to day. He also became very involved in Open Door Fellowship.

In 2009, Randy stepped up as Director of Cornerstone Home. He was nervous about being in a leadership role again, but knew that he needed to allow God to lead through him. Eight years later, Randy is still Director of Cornerstone and an elder at Open Door Fellowship. We are so grateful for the humility, authenticity, and joy that Randy brings to our community day after day.

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