ODM eMinute: A Special Open Door Wedding

April 28th, 2017

Last Sunday was a special day at Open Door. Between services, we had the wedding of Chris & Cleo, two beautiful individuals who have frequented our Family Room drop in center for most of the last year. Due to various circumstances, they have been and still are homeless, but love knows no boundaries. They met on the streets and fell in love with each other. Cleo accepted Christ through the Family Room outreach and both of them have been attending church at ODF, participating in Bible studies, and have been growing in their relationship with the Lord. 

They were officially married a few weeks before on the new Open Door balcony in a private ceremony but then wanted the whole church to have a chance to celebrate with them this week. It was a beautiful service and we are so happy for them. Pray for them as they start their new life together and as they endeavor to find permanent housing. 

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