ODM eMinute: Living & Thriving In God's Light

April 13th, 2017

Thank you to each of you who came out to the Women's Brunch on Saturday! We had a wonderful morning of worship, fun, hearing about what God is up to at ODM, and raising over $12,000! Silvia shared an incredible testimony of God's work in her life:

"My name is Silvia and I have been a resident at Esther House for 18 months. I grew up in Denver and come from a broken past. My family struggled with poverty, my dad left the family when I was 12, I survived childhood trauma, and I became a mom for the first time when I was 15.

Growing up, God was not part of my life at all. I was surrounded by a community with lots of drugs, violence, and poverty. Starting when I was 14 years old, I was so hopeless I began attempting suicide. The cycle continued over the years and I could only find short-term solutions that kept me from hurting myself. 

I knew I needed help and found Still Waters Housing online. I moved into Esther House and was finally able to disconnect from my old life and community, and that old self too. Right away I started being mentored by Lisa, and this was the first time that I was accountable to someone who was a positive person in my life. It showed me that I am a daughter of the Creator of All Things. That gave me hope for the first time in my life.

Still Waters Housing created a structure of wellness and balance for me, and helped me to be intentional in making positive habits for myself, which built my confidence and helped me to know who I am. As part of this process of self-discovery and healing, I found that I have a passion and gift for art. When I create art, it is an act of prayer and communicating with Jesus, and all I see is beauty. It is not my work, it’s God’s. Eventually, I started to lead my own art group for people who have mental illness and disabilities, and I also began to sell my art to make a living. 

Today, I know that God isn’t just there to give me a better life. God is my life. I woke up from the dead, and now I am living and thriving in God’s light."

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